Saturday, June 5, 2010

Record Updates

Let’s update the ANTM records.

Jaslene Gonzalez of Cycle 8

This very first Latina ANTM winner has successfully returned from Cycle 7 to Cycle 8. She was a sure competition right from the beginning after getting top photos for two consecutive weeks. And she tied the record of having no appearances at the bottom two and winning the title in the end.

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Anya Kop or Anya Rozova of Cycle 10

Born in Russia, this Hawaii-based ANTM contestant proved to have “fierceness” behind her bubbly personality. By having her edgy and high-fashion appeal, she was able to get five first call outs and tied with Joanie's record in the past. Aside from this, she had never been a part of the bottom two

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Mckey Sullivan of Cycle 11

Having a good height, body proportions and openness to criticisms, Mckey was able to take good pictures that didn’t cause her to land at the bottom two in the cycle. Throughout the competition, you will see how she started from just doing a boxing stance on her first photoshoot then finally getting her signature pose and learned the angles of her body to create high fashion poses for the win.

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Nicole Fox of Cycle 13

Having a quiet personality, other contestants didn’t really see Nicole as their competition… until she struck that pose for their first photoshoot. She has proven that she has what it takes as she took stunning photos that kept her from being on the bottom two and winning the competition. Aside from not being at the bottom two, it’s also noticeable that she has not been at the bottom half during call outs (as what Jennifer An has also stated on the show). The lowest rank that she obtained was being in rank four on their photoshoots with head wraps since the Cirque de Soleil shoot first call out was for the best group photo, giving her the third rank.

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Krista White of Cycle 14

She made it clear that she is in the competition to win after landing a spot on ANTM. She tried out for the competition after the first cycle and made the 14th cycle her charm. At the competition, she didn’t land in the bottom two and even breaking the past record for consecutive call outs. In cycle 6, Joanie got three consecutive first call outs but Krista surpassed it by getting four of them. Looks like four is really her charm as she was 24 years old when she entered ANTM’s 14th cycle, got four consecutive first callouts and winning the competition.

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