Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Youngest of Them All

Several days have passed since I last wrote on this blog. Aside from being busy with work, I was also thinking of the best topic that I can write about this show. Then my imaginary light bulb finally lit up.

If you have been watching ANTM for several cycles, you may have heard at least one time on the show about “being too old” to be in the modeling industry. And as I rerun Cycle 6 last night while working, I remembered this age thing and thought of writing about it. But instead of emphasizing on old age, why not talk about young age.

The question: who is the youngest top model winner?

Then I remembered that I saw Nicole Fox’s age the other day when I rerun Cycle 13. She was 18 years old during the cycle. I did some research on the age of the other Top Model Winners just to be sure of this record since I was also thinking of McKey Sullivan of cycle 11 as among the youngest. Well, McKey was 19 when she won in cycle 11.

Ergo, Nicole Fox of cycle 13 is the youngest winner of America’s Next Top model. The first 18-year-old winner in the Top Model history.

Nicole is the winner of ANTM's petite cycle. She has been known for her fierce poses, which made her portfolio among the strongest ones in the show, and signature walk during the final runway. Recently, she opened the Anna Sui fashion show, which served as cycle 14’s final runway. Again, she worked that runway with her walk as the ringmaster (if I’m correct :-j) as if the rent's due the next day (one of Mr. Jay's favorite statements).

Yes, she may be young but it's just capital F for Fierce.

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