Sunday, May 30, 2010

Joanie Dodds: ANTM Record Setter

Of course, viewers know that ANTM is a show that discovers the next top model for the fashion industry. But it is true that top model contestants may set different records within the competition like having the best photos and others. And when it comes to different ANTM statistics, Joanie Dodds of Cycle 6 was a record setter in three ANTM stats. Although you may have known these records, I’ll recap it anyway as a precursor for current statistics update.

First, she was the first model who didn’t make any appearance at the bottom two throughout the cycle except for the final two along side with Danielle.

Second, had set the record for the highest number of consecutive first call outs. She was called first for three consecutive weeks because of her strong photos. You will see the photos below.

Third, she had the record for the most number of first call outs on the cycle after being called first five times for the following photos.

Krumping Photo – Episode 7

Doll photo and crying beauty shot – Episode 8

Thailand photoshoot with an elephant – Episode 11

Swimwear photoshoot in Phuket – Episode 12

CoverGirl Photo – Episode 13

But of course, ANTM already had 14 cycles so other contestants have already tied or broke these records and even set a record of their own. Updates on these records will be posted on the next blog posts.

Photo via allaboutjoanie. You can check more photos of Joanie on this site.

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  1. i watch the epsodebecause her,she´s beautiful,i love her legs and her teeths too,kisses joanie,from Brazil.