Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CoverGirl of the Cycle.

If you have watched all 14 cycles of ANTM, you may have seen the contest CoverGirl of the Week. This gave the viewers the chance to vote online for their favorite CoverGirl for the week. This contest started when CoverGirl cosmetics became the campaign provider for the ANTM winner in cycle 3 and lasted until cycle 10.

There are many contestants who have already won this contest several times throughout the cycles. But there is one special girl who won all contest weeks in the cycle. She is Naima Mora of cycle 4.

I checked online and found out that other cycles may have two or three winners of CoverGirl of the Week on the entire cycle but it is different for cycle 4 since Naima retained the title.

Naima is known for her edgy Mohawk hairstyle, who in the end won the ANTM title and proved that she is a real CoverGirl.

By winning the contests throughout the cycle, I call her not only a CoverGirl of the Week but CoverGirl of the Cycle.

Source of stat: wikipedia

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